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    Product Display

    Company introduction

     Shenzhen hi-max technology CO.,ltd. was established in 2009, is a professional manufacturer of 

    LED flashlights. Hi-max always devoted to supply high quality product and Max service to 

    customers in these years.

    The main products line of Hi-max include Diving flashlight/Outdoor flashlight/Military flashlight

    and other related accessories with LED Products, such as Chargers, Battery and underwater tray 


    Over 2000 square meters standard workshop, professional research and development engineers

    team and complete 6 production lines, Accumulated a wealth experience in flashlight design,

    development and production, Hi-max focus on high level products and provide max choice for

    overseas clients. Also, OEM/ODM orders are welcomed by Hi-max.  

    Hi-max has strict quality control systems for all the product, each product have double quality

     check before delivery arranging. To make sure the stable and durable quality, low return and 

    repair rate, Hi-max have full set of testing equipment, and each models with accordance


    Fast response time for requirements, fast delivery time and good after-sales team makes Hi-max

    a trustable supplier.

    During these years development, Hi-max have a long and stable relationship with sole agent in 

    Poland, Korea, France and many distributors in overseas countries. Now Hi-max are still looking 

    for partner who would like to have long relationship and keeping working and developing 

    together, WELCOME JOIN US. 



    Office: Unit 504, Oversea Student Venture Mansion, South Keyuan Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen 518057
    Factory: C Bldg, Xintang Town,GuanLan St., Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China


    Phone/whatsapp: +86-13612892091


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